Sunday, 18 March 2012

Introduction to the Ways of Brassique - The Original Online Barterplace!

Hellooooo everyone!

Please make yourself comfortable and shout up with any questions wont you?!

Welcome to our first Brassique Blog Post!

Right... This is a bit of a Brassique Intro.  The stuff we think you'd like to know about our wonderful new Original Online Barterplace.  Did we say it's a world first?  And that it's been Born and Bred in Britain.  Made in Britain!  How good's that?!  Brilliant we think : D  We're putting Britain on the map with our Barterplace creation!  And 'our' means not only ours as in Team Brassique, but our expanding Coster Collective, those lovely people who've climbed into our virtual bartering world and snuggled into our Brassique Nest.  

Right, on with the details chaps and chapettes...

What's Brassique all about then?!

Brassique is a world within itself, a high-walled - gated and locked - Bartering community; so our listing treasures are only visible to those who join us.  There’s no peeking from nosey parker outsiders!  As the world’s first (yes we said it again...) Online Barterplace, Brassique’s members, the Costers, can buy, sell, swap, share and promote coveted things.  We term these as Delectables – generally gorgeous, desirable and / or useful items such as clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture and technological gadgetry; Collectables – including antiques, vintage and retro pieces; Handmades – this one’s kind of obvious we think....handmade items, and last but not least, Skills – particular talents and skills people can use to barter with.

How does it work? 

Brassique's economy is one of trading possessions and skills, alongside Brassique’s very own barter tokens, instead of money.  Costers use their talents and possessions as a form of currency.  By trading the things they no longer need, savvy barterers get the things they want, or reap rewards from the clever and wonderful stuff they can do.
What does it Cost?

Our £5 Annual Membership Fee allows us to keep Brassique exclusively for our Costers, as well as keeping it a Listing and Transaction Fee-Free Zone - plus we'll have no annoying adverts either!  Your initial fiver investment also gets you £10 worth of Barter Tokens to spend at your leisure. It is designed to help people trade in a way they want, to the benefit of all, providing a characterful online community that is a modern twist on the bygone Victorian era.    

When's this happening?! 

Launch is in June (Date & Details to be announced) and will initially only be for those who grab one of the exclusive 1000 Founding Coster places.   These members will receive a ‘Founding Coster’ status within the site, including a badge to display on their profile as recognition and thanks for joining us at the start.  There will also be special opportunities for those who feel they’d like a more socially active role within the site, for example, an area of expertise, or interest they would be willing to share with others.

How can I Join?!
There are still Memberships, or Costerships as we like to term them, available from too if you are a Coster at heart!  You’ll be taken to Paypal to pay your £5 joining fee, so just to reassure you...if we get taken over by Pirates and don’t make it to our launch (never going to happen) we guarantee you’ll get your fiver back…Coster’s Honour!

Can I get involved now?!

We're like little Mexican Jumping Beans with all this pre-launch excitement!  Things are really gathering momentum at Brassique Towers; we're meeting, tweeting and chatting with lots of fabulous new people as well as our lovely Costers.  We’d love you to join us right at the beginning, in any way you can or fancy!  Whilst we're grafting to build the foundations of this virtual bartering world, we're enjoying a bit of banter and sharing with you all on Twitter, Facebook and Miss Brassique's Pinterest.  If you want to get involved in any of these we'll be distributing some loveliness (some manliness too!), updates and goings on as we getting closer to launch & fancier in our ways!     

Well, we think we've just about covered everything for now.  There are more delightful little Brassique twists and surprises still to be revealed.  Our Costers will be the first to know about these, we're keeping some details up our sleeves for now - promise it's all good though!
Jot down any questions, comments that you may have and fire away! Or, if you wish, even  just some random ramblings.  We don't mind a bit of that either!
Coster Regards Treacle Tarts,
Team Brassique

Spot any mistakes?  Be all School Teachery and Shout at us 
as nicely as possible of course ; ) 


  1. Your brand name Brassique looks fabulous with that crown I'm really looking forward to entering the market place to go treasure hunting in the summer

  2. Ey up Helen, thanks for that comment! We're glad you like the Crown - goes with our Brassiquely British theme so it does ; )

    We know you're one of our lovely Coster ladies...means you're guaranteed to be one of the first through this magical Barterplaces's Rusty Old Gates... Costers Pact you'll let us know when you bagsy some swag! : D

  3. I am really excited by this and Like Helen Love the name. I am already sorting out a few things to barter with. I have followed your blog and subscribe so I can stalk you (in the nicest way possible of course)

  4. Hello Classy Coster Chrissie! Glad you're loving the name (sure our Miss Brassique will reveal the origins one day - we wont steal the story!) and we couldn't think of a better lovely to be stalked by in the nicest possible way ; )

    We'll be asking what plans people have for Barter over the coming weeks...already excited to know what you're up to!

    Costers Love x

  5. Love the name, shall stalk your blog. <3

  6. Sandra, thank you and welcome to our Blog : D Lovely to meet you! Are you 'thee' Sandra...our lovely latest Coster member?! If so we've just sent you an email! If you're on twitter and/or facebook make sure you get yourself over for our Giveaways and chatter wont you : )

    Costers WInk x

  7. Love the idea! I'll be stalking you too. May I just make one minor comment though - on your homepage twitter takes you to FB and vicey versey (or is that some sort of initiation test?)

    1. Thanks for stalking us - yet another lovely and a new Coster to boot! Welcome! That's three stalkers from one post - wow!

      You absolutely can make a comment...anytime! Well spotted me dear and no sadly it isn't an initiation test...though the very thought of it tickled us when we read it! Unfortunately we can only put that down to silly human error...and we're pointing the finger at Miss Brassique!

      We'll be getting that corrected a.s.a.p Thanks very much for letting us know. We love help from the eyes and ears of our Coster Collective, really appreciated!

      Costers love x

      PS: Maybe we should have an initiation test...The thought had crossed our minds - suggestions? ; )

    2. Hi - what an intriquing idea. I ponied up the 5 pounds and I look forward to seeing how things progress. I already follow on twitter as lynnestreasures and now I'm following you on pinterest as well. I'm in Canada so not sure how things will work but I'm excited and intriqued by the idea. Bye for now, Lynne

    3. Well hello Lynne aka our Newest Coster Gal!

      Thank you for Joining us and following too : D We're pleased to hear you're intrigued - it's all very exciting you know - and we can tell you it will work beautifully ; D

      You are one of a few lovely Canadian Members, and we have Costers in a fair few different Countries the World over. The more 'local' people each of us have on board the better too...we get to discover Barter Treasures on our own doorsteps as well then! Please help us spread the word in Canada and introduce as many people to Brassique as you can...everyone is a potential Coster!

      We're chuffed you've commented here and are already involved! Thanks again, you're a Star : D

      Costers Wink,


    4. Thanks so much for the welcome. I've posted on twitter about this wonderful place and also will be making a mention on google plus every day. So, hopefully there will be more people who are interested in giving it a go.


    5. What a star you are Lynne! We really appreciate your twitter posts and google + word spreading : D Very touching, and in particular, makes our Miss Brassique feel quite emotional! It's all these things that are going to help Brassique be extra fantastic for us all - hats off to you for that lovely Lady!

      Team Brassique x

  8. Well check u Miss Brass with your delish blog....yey!! The cat is officially sneak peek stalking your blog....and shall be prowling from here

    1. Ahhhh Fair Maiden of the Toxylicious kind - look at you finding us out over here! We thought we'd replied to you straight away! Must have been having a moment...sorry, how rude of us! Welcome Foxy Coster Lady : D You keep prowling...we luuurve having you and your feline ways around!!

      Costers Love xxx

  9. Hey there Brassique! I've just completed my membership!
    I'm a fashion blogger & purveyor of pretty things , so would love to be involved in anyway in the future!
    Looking forward to your launch,

  10. Hello!

    Thanks for Joining us as a fellow Coster Em aka Bitsy-Von-Tipsy : D Great to have you on board - we're rather honoured! There will be opportunities for involvement and we will keep your name on our special little list of interested lovelies! Thanks very much...ohhh and expect another email off us soon with some more details / insider info.

    Costers Hugs x

  11. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us Costermongers - I have some great little handmade gems just begging to be uploaded when you fire the starters pistol :)

    1. That day is drawing ever closer now Miss Molly Coddles and that's music to our ears right there : D We're dying to see these handmade gems you speak of! It's going to be amazing seeing what treasures people list as Offereds...our eyes will be like saucers we reckon!

      Costers Wink x

  12. Hey loving the sound and vibe I'm getting from this!! Signed up already! Can't wait! I'm in the Netherlands at the moment but mince between the uk n holland! So will be telling others about this!

    1. Ay-Up Becci!

      Thanks very much for joining us - our Miss Brassique will be emailing you shortly! You're going to love it; you're now part of one big (and growing) Coster Family now : D It's great to have you on board...oh what fun we're going to have!

      We appreciate you spreading the Brassique word whilst you do your mincing between Countries - sounds rather interesting that does! Please keep in touch via here, facebook (we see you've made it there and will greet you soon!) and twitter if you're a twitterer too.

      Costers Love x

  13. Hi! Sounds like a fab idea! Signed myself up. Looking forward to the launch!

  14. Tis all looking good. I'm just sitting here on the side lines taking it all in. Good to see lots of people singing up too. With Costers in Canada, I may put my house up for swap for one over there!

    1. Eeeeeeh Woodie, we're going to have to stop meeting like this! ; D

      A Founding Coster on the important sidelines nonetheless may we add...don't forget your status Sir Woodster!

      The house Swapping is a mighty fine idea...we're thinking we'd quite fancy a Holiday type swap...ahhhhh yes. Thing is, you never know, such things go on and stranger things have happened! Who knows what Coster friends one will make along the way. Quick! Lets get started! : D

      Cheers Nick (we were all well behaved there and used your proper name see - we can do it!)