Sunday, 18 March 2012

Brassique Pressie Giveaways!

Some important PRESSIE information...who doesn't like a freebie?! : D

Twitter and Facebook Pressie Giveaways

Saturday the 17th March 2012 saw our first ever Pressie Giveaway!

Spookily both twitter and facebook were drawn on the same day - with facebook making it to 100 'Likers' followed by twitter reaching 300 lovely followers shortly after.  Our first Pressie was the rather special Diamond Jubilee Felt Purses made by Crafty Creator (and fellow Coster) Molly Coddles Kitchen who can also be found on twitter here @molly_coddles

Our next Giveaways are planned as follows... Get in with a chance by following on twitter and giving us a 'Like' on Facebook - Easy Peasy!

300 facebook Likers - Another Purse will be given away when 300 super duper people have given us a like.

500 twitter followers and 500 facebook Likes - Our next Pressies will be given away at 500 followers on twitter and 500 likes on facebook.  These will be one of the gorgeous 'Miss Brassique' Brassique inspired Necklaces made by the sparkly pretty jewellery maker and Coster, the lovely @jewellerybyjacx on twitter and here Jewellery By JacX

800 facebook Likes - guessed it...another gorgeous Miss Brassique Necklace at 800 Likers!

800 twitter followers - When we get to 800 lovelies following on twitter we'll be giving away these very Regal Bespoke mini King and Queen Crown Cushions!  We were going to split them but they make too nice of a Pair!

A very generous and fitting Pressie donation from the super Craftylicious Coster Samantha Robinson Handmade Originals.

Made in beautiful Royal Red material which is itself covered in little white Crowns!  Beautifully Hand Quilted too...Stunning!  You can find her on twitter @samantha_2k

All the Pressies so far have been for our followers and people who've honoured us with their like...what about our Coster members of Brassique?!  Well...there's even more specialness in store just for them.  If you're not in our Collective already you can join us here!

Brassique Costers Only

200, 300, 400 Costers - To celebrate reaching these Coster Milestones, one of the Collective will be chosen at Random to also win one of the special Brassique Necklaces.  And here it is again!

500 Costers -  For reaching this milestone we'll be giving away This 'Atlantis' Necklace made by the gorgeous and talented Jewellery Designer Alyssa Smith.

Made from Murano Glass with Gold Leaf, it was was chosen by Miss Brassique as it resembled a Map of our fantastical Bartering World.  You can find Alyssa on twitter @AlyssaJewellery. We think the fact she has her own Fan Club of Alyssa Groupies only shows how lovely she is indeed @AlyssaGroupies!

At 1000 & 2000 Costers - We'll be giving away an amazing 'Coster' Name Necklace to the lucky winner chosen from our Collective.  They will be Bespoke pieces made by Alyssa Smith, and to be frank, were already stupidly excited about them!  They will be made in Sterling Silver to resemble the design below...

And that, for now anyway, is the Pressies we have planned!  We'll update with new photos and additions as we go.  Hopefully you'll love them and we'd love to hear what you think!  

If you can't wait for your chance to win, just have a peek at the talented makers websites linked throughout post.  In fact, just have a look anyway as they all make gorgeous items and there's bound to be something for you to drool over!  Delectables!

Costers Wink Pet Lambs x 

Spot any mistakes? Shout at us - as nicely as possible of course ; )


  1. love your blog hun! it's so good! you have amazing taste!
    keep up the good work!
    mind checking mine out? i recently changed the web address, its now Idiotic fashion
    thank you! would be an honour!
    <3 Lottie

  2. Thanks for the comments Lottie; glad you enjoyed the post and we appreciate you saying hello! We have indeed checked out you Blog and sure our Miss Brassique will be over to do so soon enough too!

    Make sure you join us on twitter/facebook to get in on our Pressie Giveaways...ohhhh and if you fancy becoming a lovely Coster pop over to of course!

    Costers Love x