Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pressie Giveaways - Winners Piccies!

Here's our Pressie Giveaway Winners so far... 

It just so happens that they're all Gorgeous Girlies and now Coster Gals too!

First up we have the Lovely @Samantha_2k of Samantha Robinson's Handmade Originals.  Here she is looking all fetching with her Handmade Diamond Jubilee Purse, made by fellowess Coster, and Talented Crafty Creator, Molly Coddles Kitchen.

The next lovely to send in her photo was this Foxy Coster Gal Kathryn aka @Kathroooon - Lover of Baby Owls and Blogger Extraordinairre.  She was the first winner of Brassique Inspired 'Miss Brassique' Necklace Made by the Delightful Jacqui Fisher (also a Coster Lovely and her jewellery is available here!)

*Disclaimer: We'd like to point out that though this star joined our Coster Collective shortly after receiving her Pressie, we didn't bribe her in any way, or put any magical potions in with her Necklace...honest!

Our next Necklace Giveaway was a special random draw for Costers, to show our appreciation for their support in helping us get to 500 Followers on Twitter.  Spookily, this went to the Delightful Artist @Idreamof___ aka Anya Keeley...we say spookily as she'd only just spoken about her desire to win.

She has great intution this one, and we're not entirely sure she didn't cast a Costery Spell on us!  We love her though and she was a very well deserved winner indeed!

Here we have our Beautiful Coster Louisa aka @elemdi on twitter.  This lovely has been a wonderous support to Brassique and our Miss Brassique from the start.  We're sure Coster Karma played a role in the Pressie Winners so far and this cutesy head only goes to prove it!  Not that we can see her head here...but we can see her very pretty nails...Oh la la ; D

Our other deserved winner of a Jubilee Purse was Vintage Vixen & Fashionable Foxy Lady, Angela from The Lady Bug Chronicles.  We were delighted (and slightly jealous) to receive this special photo of her and her lovely purse in New York City

The second exciting installment of TheLadybugC and her Purse's adventure was this beautiful image and accompanying message:

"Uncle Sam secretly asked me where I got my
  Jubilee purse from.Now he wants to enter  giveaways"

That is everyone so far; we'll keep adding photos as we receive them : D  Thank everyone for taking part! It's lovely to see you all with your Pressies and show off the work of the Talented Lovelies who've made them!

We love Pressies us!  Still plenty more up for grabs.  Please see the Blog Post for further details and more links to the people who've made the gorgeous stuff we give away!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Buying' and 'Selling' Barterplace Stylee

'Buying' & 'Selling' within Brassique's Virtual Walls 

If you have no possessions or skills to Barter with, need to top-up your Swap Offerings worth or 'pay' for a loaned item, that's no problem!  Here's where our Barter Tokens work their magic.

We're keeping it really simple here...we'll be explaining more of the fancy stuff in another post dedicated solely to the Brassic-Lint Barter Token.

Our Miss Brassique's got her Pennies at the ready and's all set for Barter Indulgence! That's all she talks about nowadays...a true Swagaholic that one!

Costers Cwtches x

Offereds and Desireds - Listing on Brassique

We're all about Coveted Things

Brassique is the place to Barter Coveted Things.  This is quite a broad brush of a category, different strokes for different folks and all that, but it means we're not about tat.  

We term Coveted Things as Delectables – generally gorgeous, desirable and / or useful items such as clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture and technological gadgetry; Collectables – including antiques, vintage and retro pieces; Handmades – this one’s kind of obvious we think....handmade items, and last but not least, Skills – particular talents and skills people can use to barter with.

Listing your Wares and Seeking Treasures

Costers have two ways to Barter items in Brassique, as ‘Offereds’ or as ‘Desireds’.  All items are listed and displayed with their Barter-Token Value which is a ‘£1 GBP = 1 Barter-Token’ equivalent. For example, an item deemed to be worth £35 in ‘the real-world’ is listed for 35 Barter-Tokens in Brassique’s World. 

Your Offereds List will contain the things you are offering for Barter.  They can be listed as For Sale (for your chosen Barter-Token amount), Available for Swap, Hire or Open to Offers.  Multiple options can be selected.

Your Desireds List contains the things you’re searching for and how you wish to acquire them, Buy, Swap, Loan or Open to Offers.  Once again, any combination of these options can be used.  This allows Bartering Costers to achieve the finest deal, by trading in the way that suits them both best.

Hey-ho and away we go...that should've covered the Coveted Things Brassique is designed for Bartering and how our Costers will go about their business for now...Next Post will be "'Buying' and 'Selling' the Barterplace Way".

Pip, Pip, Cheerio! 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Workings of Brassique's Economy

Here is how the Barterplace Economy Works - Explained to you via the medium of Modern Dance...

No not really! Some Visual Imagery and a few words too ; D 

The Barterplace Way is one of Bartering Coveted Things: 

* Buying and Selling for Barter Tokens *

* Swapping for Things You Want *

* Sharing Things You Have *

* Promoting the Things You Love *

Brassique's economy is one of trading possessions and skills, alongside Brassique’s very own Barter Tokens, instead of using money.  Members use their Talents and Possessions as a form of Currency. 

By trading the things they no longer need, Savvy Barterers get the things they want, or reap rewards from the clever and wonderful stuff they can do.  We use the terms 'Buying' and 'Selling' to replicate the 'real world' ways, though Barter-Tokens change hands rather than money.  Exchanging one thing for another...that's the Barter Way!

It's a constant cycle of Bartering Possessions, Skills and Tokens to get ourselves the Things we want...those much talked about Coveted Things!  

Spot any mistakes or wonder what we were on when we wrote this? Shout at us - as nicely as possible of course - we're only human after all ; )