Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Buying' and 'Selling' Barterplace Stylee

'Buying' & 'Selling' within Brassique's Virtual Walls 

If you have no possessions or skills to Barter with, need to top-up your Swap Offerings worth or 'pay' for a loaned item, that's no problem!  Here's where our Barter Tokens work their magic.

We're keeping it really simple here...we'll be explaining more of the fancy stuff in another post dedicated solely to the Brassic-Lint Barter Token.

Our Miss Brassique's got her Pennies at the ready and's all set for Barter Indulgence! That's all she talks about nowadays...a true Swagaholic that one!

Costers Cwtches x


  1. How will the sending items to the buyer work and is that included in the price the buyer offers to seller?

  2. Thanks for asking Chrissie : D Another reason you're a top fellow Coster - you're eagle-eyed! We wondered who'd be first to ask!

    Listings & Token Amounts do not include P&P costs. An estimated cost is listed separately within each individual listing description. This way Costers can choose the method that suits them best.

    If cash is preferred (this would be Miss Brassique's preferred way, especially for larger items so as not to end up out of pocket) a payment between those involved should be arranged e.g. via paypal.

    Or, if the 'Seller' prefers, they can opt to include / receive the P&P within the token price. Whilst this may be suitable for small P&P costs (but do they exist nowadays?!) we don't see many people wanting to go for this option...but we may be surprised!

    Another thing on P&P...
    P&P Costs should not be excessive, either within the estimate or actual cost charged, if people are intending to swindle the other person. This is highly unlikely as we're already growing a proper tight-knit community. We're all there to look out for one another, but, if people feel someone is perhaps being a bit dodgy we'd like to know so we can look into it. Our Mary Amelia Rose wont have people trying to con each other and she'll deal with it...she's got all our backs!

    How does that sound, does it cover your question?

    Hmmm...maybe we should add a P&P line to the bottom of the chart. We didn't want to put too much detail, but thinking it may help for others who think of the same question. What do you reckon lovely?

    Costers wink x

    1. Here's what took place over on facebook following our reply being posted on there too. We asked Chrissie's permission to do this so's you know we didn't steal her words from under her ; D

      Reply from Christine Marshall: "Had a quick read and seems to be all in order and a pp to the bottom line probably would be a good idea:) I am assuming that postage will have to be trackable which obviously puts the price up but then proves said item has been dispached. But then being a coaster nobody will cheat and if they do we will have to gently slap them on the back of the legs with a damp teatowel. :)"

    2. Und our reply went: " Consider it done...the pp that is...but we're liking your teatowel idea too *scribbles idea down on a Post-it Note* As for the trackable postage, whilst of course it's safest, there is the cost thing so people will need to decide what's best for hem. Sender should cover themselves with Proof of Postage receipt without doubt. But us Costers are all like minded and hopefully we have no Bad Apples --common sense will prevail! And if it doesn't...well Christine Marshall, get your towel ready! ; D"

  3. I think a certain amount of responsibility will have to be taken by both parties for postage and payment. It should probably be stated somewhere that the deal being made is binding contract to. Tbh I think it will all go swimmingly and I am excited to see the site.
    Can I be a Towel Bearer?


    1. Absolutely right Woodie, both parties will take a shared responsibility for the P&P. It's stated within Brassique's Terms & Conditions / P&P info that once an item is 'bought' a contract is formed between the Costers involved. Much the same as an Auction Website or Marketplace.

      We're sure it'll all go swimmingly too...but we're prepared to weather any choppy waters and continually make things even better anyway - we'll make sure we look after each other no matter what, Coster Collective all the way!

      As for being a Towel Bearer...you're in! That's, Chrissie, us and now you. Was a good idea she had wasn't it?! Nobody will dare cross us ; D And that's without even throwing Ma' Rose's Penalties into the mix!

      Cheers Woodster : D