Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Offereds and Desireds - Listing on Brassique

We're all about Coveted Things

Brassique is the place to Barter Coveted Things.  This is quite a broad brush of a category, different strokes for different folks and all that, but it means we're not about tat.  

We term Coveted Things as Delectables – generally gorgeous, desirable and / or useful items such as clothing, jewellery, accessories, furniture and technological gadgetry; Collectables – including antiques, vintage and retro pieces; Handmades – this one’s kind of obvious we think....handmade items, and last but not least, Skills – particular talents and skills people can use to barter with.

Listing your Wares and Seeking Treasures

Costers have two ways to Barter items in Brassique, as ‘Offereds’ or as ‘Desireds’.  All items are listed and displayed with their Barter-Token Value which is a ‘£1 GBP = 1 Barter-Token’ equivalent. For example, an item deemed to be worth £35 in ‘the real-world’ is listed for 35 Barter-Tokens in Brassique’s World. 

Your Offereds List will contain the things you are offering for Barter.  They can be listed as For Sale (for your chosen Barter-Token amount), Available for Swap, Hire or Open to Offers.  Multiple options can be selected.

Your Desireds List contains the things you’re searching for and how you wish to acquire them, Buy, Swap, Loan or Open to Offers.  Once again, any combination of these options can be used.  This allows Bartering Costers to achieve the finest deal, by trading in the way that suits them both best.

Hey-ho and away we go...that should've covered the Coveted Things Brassique is designed for Bartering and how our Costers will go about their business for now...Next Post will be "'Buying' and 'Selling' the Barterplace Way".

Pip, Pip, Cheerio! 


  1. Getting very excited now - the images look great!

    Will blog about it once you have your press release available :)


  2. Thank you Darling Girl! The Press Release is still on our (long) list of things to do...but we're getting closer! Thanks for all your support & encouraging words : D

    Not long now is it!? Wowsers!

    Costers Love x

  3. It's beinging to sink in how this WILL work and Like Rebecca I to like the images very cool. Rebecca we should connect somewhere along the brassique route:)

    1. Why thank you lovely lady! It WILL work and it's going to be FANTASTIC because look at the Collective members we have all ready...we're shaping up into a right special Bartering Bunch : D Love to see you two connecting via Brassique - we suspect you already have via twitter and facebook at least!?

      Cheers me dears x

  4. It's great to see a little sneak peek! I am so excited and can't wait to see all the goodies!