Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Brassic-Lints -- The Virtual Barter Token Currency

Well hello there Bartering Beauties, Coster Guys, Gals and Supporters of the Brassique Cause!

Here's some more information on our delicious Barter-Token Currency 'BRASSIC-LINTS'.

Here we go...

These little dazzlers are perfect for Costers who need something to Barter with, meaning they can buy the Offereds they have their hearts set on if they have no worldly goods or skills to Barter.  Payment is processed by PayPal and the Brassic-Lints are bought guessed it, the Brassic-Lint Exchange!

Brassic-Lints are a virtual token currency that allows you to buy real world things, top-up your Barter trade values and indulge in acquiring the things you love.  There's a bit of fun involved in buying them which will be revealed as you read on, oh yes.

Now then, you'll never be worse off for your real world money as £1 gets you 1BL.  1BL is worth £1.  Always.  Full stop.  We're British so we use the £ to set the value, but whatever currency you're buying in, the same principle applies anyway.  The worst you can end up with is the same as what you have - not bad really eh?!

All items are listed on Brassique showing their BL value / asking price which is equivalent to their good old GBP£ value.  So, if you see something listed for 10BL, you can buy 10BL's through the Exchange as shown below (although you get 10BL free when you sign anyway ; D).

Here comes the clever Costery bit...though each Brassic-Lint has a Fixed Value of £1 when used to Barter in Brassique, we can offer them at preferential Exchange Rates to our Costers.  How's about that then?!

Plus it's all top-secret Costery stuff...kind of like tapping the side of your nose a few times and giving a knowing don't know how much the others paid for the Brassic-Lints in their virtual pockets, but you know their worth - that's the important bit!

It could well be that you are better off for your Moolah! This is the fun bit; kind of like a game, keep your eyes peeled for better rates and pounce when you want.  It's all safe though as you'll never lose out anyway!

Examples to Cast your Peepers over...

In this example we have the Exchange Rate set at 0.75.  This means if you were to buy your 10BL at this time, you would get them for £7.50 instead of £10, saving you £2.50 - Kerching!  The Seller still receives 10BL which are worth £10.  Happy Buyer - Happy Seller!

Here's another example, and the cheekiest one we have.  Today the Rate is set at 0.50.  So guess what?!  You spy that thing for 10BL and buy your ten Tokens for the bargainacious price of £5.00.  That's doubling your money, or saving you 50% depending how you want to look at it...but either way, it's a winner!

And here's an example of Brassic-Lints in action with our lurvely Costers Claire and Dawn - it's quite a girly example we admit...sorry boys!

So, so, so, there you go.  We love our Brassic-Lints.  They're a spiffing little Barter option for our Costers and help keep the Brassique Economy ticking over.  Our Costers can then go on wheeling and dealing, Bartering them between each other and circulating them in our own Special Community.  Simples pimples.

We've more Brassic-Lint treats in store to be revealed in the future...naturally, our Costers will be the first to know!

Spot any mistakes or wonder what we were on when we wrote this? Please let us know and give us a shout - as nicely as possible of course - we're only human after all ; )


  1. Sounds all very interesting can't wait for the launch. Good luck and grab a bargain - SteRocs

    1. Ahoy there SteRocs,

      Welcome to the Blog - thanks for stopping by! You're not anonymous to us...we knows who you're a Founding Coster outing your Username for the first time! We hopes you like the fit of it ; D

      We might have said it a few times now? Have we? Erm...well we'll say it again. Launch is on the 29th June! Get your stuff together in preparation and let the bartering begin!

      Costers Wink,
      Team B

    2. just putting a few items together for the launch, waiting to see what other costers have on offer - sterocs

  2. i've got a few bits and bobs earmarked, looking forward to the launch! terri