Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Costerlympics 2012

Ears Up!

This may come as a surprise (it did to us) but we've discovered there's a naturally athletic side to Team Brassique.

We decided that rather than just watching the 'you know whats' on the telly, we'd don our sweatbands and have a go at something ourselves.  Something we could get ourselves limbered up for, make some new muckers and have a laugh...whilst being very sporting and seriously of course....

Thus the Costerlympics 2012 was formed.

There was to be only one Game.  And it had to be a good one.  Something to create an even playing field.

And then we realised...

A massive game of online tig!

It'll be started by us Costers and be for everyone to play.  We can all have a piece of the Costerlympics!

Our Costers can register their interest here, or by any means they wish, to tell us they want to be an 'It!' to start off the tigging!  These nimble Costers will be primed with their tig! material on the 27th July - Game starts on the 28th!

What's in it for Players

1) The fun of the game!

2) Your own Costerlympic Medals & Badges! 

3) You can claim 1 years Membership as a Coster of Brassique.com + get £5 worth of Barter Tokens to spend!

The Rules

1) Remember a tig! is a nice thing and a bit of fun!

2) You may only tig! others once you've been tigged!

3) You can tig! as many people as you like - but only those you think will play! 

4) If you can share a tig! with someone via twitter, facebook, text, email etc you can tig! them

5) You can tig! people in their photos if you wish.  We'll show you an example when we catch our first tiggee!  It's a bit cheeky and all in the name of fun - but don't be getting in trouble, arrested or blaming us (We would like to see the photographic evidence if this happens though ; D)

6) Let your imagination run free and tig! away - get as many people as you can, gather as much evidence as you can and tell us what you're getting up to

Once you're tigged!

1) Register your tig/tigs by completing any of the simple 'tasks' shown on tig! Blog Post e.g leave a comment, click to say you've been tigged / or tigged someone, share on twitter, click to claim Free Membership etc

2) Send any screenshots, photos or interesting tigs! (given or received) to us or post via twitter to @brassique or on facebook.com/brassique - we'll be sharing the best ones so make sure we can credit you for your genius / good looks / creative mischief.

Lets attempt an Unofficial World Record for the Biggest Game of Multi-Player Online tig! EVER.   

Spread the word, watch out for your 'tig!' and when 'YOU'RE IT' get tigging! others.  Start doing your stretches...it's going to be a big one!


  1. I've been tigged and have tigged three others! :) Yay - go Brassique!

    1. Go Neens! Glad to see you've pulled on your Plimsolls and are playing! Get yourself on this post and enter you tig! into the competition if you haven't already : D http://brassique.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/enter-your-tig-for-costerlympics-2012.html A comment left on that post is an entry in itself! Go, go, go!