Thursday, 26 July 2012

Enter Here - Coster's Tig! Costerlympics 2012

We're attempting an Unofficial World Record for the Biggest Game of Multi-Player Online tig! EVER.  Why not?!

Fun, Medals, Prizes and Free Memberships to be had!

Spread the word, watch out for your 'tig!' and when 'YOU'RE IT' get tigging! others by passing the tig! onto them.  We hope you're sufficiently limbered up and ready to make your entries below.  The more tigging that goes on, the more chance you have of winning! 

Enter by

1) Once you've been tigged! log in and follow the steps in the box below

2) You can then tig as many people as you want, entering up to 3 tigs! per day here

3) Complete the other entries as you wish - including for free membership!

4) The more entries you make, the more entries you earn towards being our Gold, Silver or Bronze Medalist! 

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What's in it for Players

1) The fun of the game!

2) Your own Costerlympic Medals & Badges! 

3) You can claim 1 years Membership as a Coster of + get £5 worth of Barter Tokens to spend!

The Rules & How To's

1) Remember a tig! is a nice thing and a bit of fun!

2) You may only tig! others once you've been tigged!

3) You can tig! as many people as you like - but only those you think will play! 

4) If you can share a tig! with someone via twitter, facebook, text, email etc you can tig! them

5) You can tig! people in their photos if you wish.  See our example below.  It's a bit cheeky and all in the name of fun - but don't be getting in trouble, arrested or blaming us (We would like to see the photographic evidence if this happens though ; D)  We can provide the "TIG! YOU'RE IT!" image to use as well if you like - just send us an email asking for it.

6) Let your imagination run free and tig! away - get as many people as you can, gather as much evidence as you can and tell us what you're getting up to

7Send any screenshots, photos or interesting tigs! (given or received) to us or post via twitter to @brassique or on - we'll be sharing the best ones so make sure we can credit you for your genius / good looks / creative mischief.

8) Register your tig/tigs by completing any of the simple 'tasks' shown on tig! Blog Post e.g leave a comment, click to say you've been tigged / or tigged someone, share on twitter, click to claim Free Membership etc

Here's our first Photo tig!  Bless you Ma'am! As you can see she was thrilled...we imagine she's chasing people round the Palace as we type!  So there you go...have a bit of fun with it and show us your sport side ; D


  1. Meanwhile I will sit back patiently for a tig :)

    1. You got fact you got two...TIG! ; D

  2. Worlds first bartering site, now the worlds first multi-player online tig game!! Oooh, you'll be all over them there Guinness records Madame Brassy!! ;0)

    1. Maybe we could have our own Steph...The Coster Book of World Records?! What do you reckon?! Nice to see you taking part gorgeous aka Top tigger! ; D

  3. I don't think I quite have the hang of this yet and about to be invaded by little feet will try again as soon as I can.

    1. You seem to be doing fine from where we're sitting Krishenka! We've spotted your tigging! facebook're a natural! : D

  4. Replies
    1. We've done ours using Photoshop, but any photo editing/drawing software will do the trick nicely! We can send the "TIG! YOU'RE IT!" text we've used via email, or, just make your own up. Scribble on things in Marker Pen if you wish even...though not real can get them with a sticky label if you want ; D

  5. Ok !! Think I got this now - lol - I am a bit slow !!

    1. We're sure you're not least, not as slow as our Miss B at times! (Shhhhh secret ; D ) You knows wheres we are if you need to ask anything!