Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Message from Mary Amelia Rose

As those of you who've joined us on facebook or twitter may have read, we had the pleasure of meeting our Madame La Barterplace Mary Amelia Rose on Friday night . . . at 9pm no less.  It was a long old day at Brassique Towers, but, she was certainly worth the wait!

She spoke to us with her eclectic southern drawl oozing from under her Top Hat, and we have to say, was rather mesmerising in her ways.  Funnily, Miss Brassique was never in the room at the same time as her, but it transpired this is a sign of respect between them both that goes back a long way (no we don't understand it either).

You lot made a très good impression, as we knew you would, and our Coster Queen was so impressed she made a little announcement...we've lovingly transcribed it for her below:

"G’evening Cock-Robins,

Pleasure to be speaking to y’all.  Mary Amelia Rose here, the eyes and ears of this fine Barterplace y’all have joined.  I’m looking forward to being your leader & keeping everything in check.  Each & every one of y’all looks pretty darn special to my eyes. I’m sure there aint no riff raff or one bad apple amongst y’all.  

Anyways, I don’t take no rubbish from no one, so we’ll all be kept safe & sound in our little world.  As way of thanks for your kind words & the warm welcome I’ve received I’ve requested that Costers who’ve joined already, and y’all that join before we open our gates, get your Costership for 2 years instead of one – a year free gratis if you like.  Just my little bit of sway to show my appreciation. 

 I’m not one for these computers y’all spend your time on.  You'll have to excuse my ignorance there and I wont be parking down to chinwag with y'all on the regular.  I’m more of a words woman meself you see . . . like doing a bit of face to face or Quill to Paper. I'll be getting my message out through Brassy and the team.  But know this . . . I'm here with my feet on the floor and my eyes on the doings and the goings on.  

Look forward to seeing what y'all get up to.  Keep with it Costers, you’re shaping into a perfectly formed collective. 

Until we meet again;
God Speed my newly Kith & Kin, 

Mary Amelia Rose

So there you's go, straight from the lovely Victorianesque throwback herself's mouth.  We can say that 'cause she wont get to read it. Those of you who come nestle into Brassique's inner Sanctum, in preparation for our Summer Launch, will get Two Years Membership for the price of one!  

By she's good this one...a true Bartering gal! 

We think that's a pretty spiffing deal!?  Thanks to all you who've made it possible and wowed our Madame!  

Costers Well Wishes,

Team Brassique x 

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