Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Workings of Brassique's Economy

Here is how the Barterplace Economy Works - Explained to you via the medium of Modern Dance...

No not really! Some Visual Imagery and a few words too ; D 

The Barterplace Way is one of Bartering Coveted Things: 

* Buying and Selling for Barter Tokens *

* Swapping for Things You Want *

* Sharing Things You Have *

* Promoting the Things You Love *

Brassique's economy is one of trading possessions and skills, alongside Brassique’s very own Barter Tokens, instead of using money.  Members use their Talents and Possessions as a form of Currency. 

By trading the things they no longer need, Savvy Barterers get the things they want, or reap rewards from the clever and wonderful stuff they can do.  We use the terms 'Buying' and 'Selling' to replicate the 'real world' ways, though Barter-Tokens change hands rather than money.  Exchanging one thing for another...that's the Barter Way!

It's a constant cycle of Bartering Possessions, Skills and Tokens to get ourselves the Things we want...those much talked about Coveted Things!  

Spot any mistakes or wonder what we were on when we wrote this? Shout at us - as nicely as possible of course - we're only human after all ; )


  1. Reading this gets me sooooo excited for my future as a Coster!
    Roll on live day!
    Thank you Miss Brassique!

  2. Thank you Miss Bitsy!

    We're so glad this has gotten you all excited! Roll on going live indeed - really isn't that long now is it?! We'll all be Costering about soon enough : D

    As an aside...Wasn't Going Live that show with Philip Schofield?...ahhh back when we were mere youngsters that was. Although, our Ma' Rose wont even know who he is, let alone the TV Programme; she doesn't bother with such things!

    Costers Wink x

  3. Oooo not long now. Excited I am (best Yoda voice).
    Keep up all the great work.


  4. We could hear you Channeling Yoda as we read it! We're sure that's just one of your many talents Nick, on top of your Leather and Wood Fineries of course!

    Thanks for commenting and complimenting : D We still like to call you Woodie...Hope that's OK?!

    Special Costers Regards